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7th Heaven


Family, Drama


Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy. Another 20 wins & 55 nominations.


The WB Television Network


Harry Harris


Beverley Mitchell, Stephen Collins, Catherine Hicks, Mackenzie Rosman, David Gallagher, Barry Watson, Garrett Strommen, Garrett Strommen



“The American television series A heavenly family ran a total of eleven seasons from 1996 to 2007. In the middle of the action is a Protestant family. In particular, it is here to Camden, who live in the California town Glenoak. Eric (Stephen Collins) is the patriarch of the Camden, while the Reverend of the local community. He has now taken seven children and beyond the Camdon family enriches a four-legged terrier mix named Happy with his wife Annie (Catherine Hicks). The series follows in their course of action to the interaction of the individual family members and the associated problems of everyday togetherness. Eric and Annie exemplary as responsibly take care of their children (Matt, Mary, Lucy, Simon, Ruthie and the twins, Samuel and David). Apart from that they try not to neglect their married life.
 Main characters of a heavenly family Eric Camden (Stephen Collins) is the head of the Camden family. In addition, he is responsible as Reverend for Glenoak Community Church dedicated to the welfare of the community as committed as that of his own family. Eric is understanding and knows nevertheless that he must strictly be upheld as a father and role model. In addition, his morality with regard to cigarettes, sex and alcohol are pretty clearly defined.
 Annie Camden (Catherine Hicks) is the wife of Eric and happily married with just that for 20 years. Together with Eric she has seven children and takes over the role of cook and housewife in everyday family life. Apart from that Annie is a wide variety of activities to and is active mainly in the public life of Glenoak.
 Matthew Camden (Barry Watson) is usually just called Matt. He is the eldest son of Eric and Annie. At the beginning of the series its occurrence is still marked by a rebellious character. Later, however, he fits the expectations of his parents as a responsible young man.
 Mary Camden (Jessica Biel) is the eldest daughter of Eric and Annie. She is interested in sports and even play a decisive role in the basketball team of their school. Because of their deteriorating notes but is thrown out of the team and begin to riot.
 Lucy Camden (Beverley Mitchell) is the second oldest daughter of Eric and Annie. Although Lucy is very shy at first and generally similar to the incarnation of a wallflower, it develops later in the series with the self-confident, loyal and young woman who cares about the welfare of their family and care.
 Simon Camden (David Gallagher) is the second oldest son of Eric and Annie. He is refined and has a strong business acumen. He usually goes other people as fussy alls on the nerves. Simon discovers his rebellious pages later.
 Ruth Camden (Mackenzie Rosman) is nicknamed Ruthie and to the birth of Samuel (Nikolas Brino) and David (Lorenzo Brino) the youngest member of the Camden family. From the moment of birth, however, the character of Ruth converts: At the beginning she was a sweet child, and now she is often jealous of their younger siblings.
 Background information on A heavenly family Despite convincing quotas was deposed A heavenly family to the tenth season of The WB and after the final, eleventh season of The CW also because the cost of production is no longer calculated with the result. While the series in the US could be seen on the mentioned channels, the format was in this country, among others, in the program of VOX, Tele 5, The Fourth and sixx. The episodes usually follow a beginning clearly defined theme and drill the various conflicts by means of the many family members. Here A heavenly family will mainly choose a conservative and Christian point of view, resulting in a moralinsaurer subtext results. The themed issues revolve around most conventional breaks with the social norm. For example, the question of political correctness, the discourse in terms of legal and illegal drugs or dealing with premarital sex and the possibility of teenage pregnancy. Nevertheless, essential issues such as homosexuality, affirmative action or abortion are not addressed. (MH)”

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