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Esther Povitsky, Benji Aflalo



Esther and Benji are too conflicted to get along with each other, and too strict with others to find a common language with someone else. Perhaps, precisely because of these two features of character heroes humorous receives more superficial treatment \”Alone together\” have become best friends. They are never bored because of eternal disputes, and to resist the world around them, they can easily unite. The guys have a great sense of humor, an enviable level of self – irony and a lot of different dreams that are not realized for the simple reason that the characters are typical losers. However, now Esther and Benji just one cherished dream: she wants to get a job, and he wants to get a girlfriend. Between them is purely Platonic relationship, without any hint of romance. Esther sees his salvation in the ties of a friend who is the son of an influential businessman, so asks him in every way \”to promote\” it. The guy in response offers Esther to find him a girl among her friends. The heroes will be together and separately undergo various curious tests, which over and over again will prove that they are chronic losers.

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