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Crime, Drama, Mystery


Nominated for 5 Primetime Emmys. Another 11 wins & 19 nominations.





Carmine Giovinazzo, Anna Belknap, Robert Joy, A.J. Buckley, Hill Harper, Eddie Cahill



“The investigative team of the Crime Scene Investigation (CSU) examined homicides in Greater New York. In rarer cases, they are in the investigations also other extraordinary violent crime. In each episode, the team tried the criminal cases through their work at the scene to clear up under interrogation and in the laboratory. The series is characterized by a focus on the scientific and forensic investigative work.

The characters in CSI: NYMac Taylor (Gary Sinise)

He is the CSI Detective First Grade, and leads the CSI team. His hometown is Chicago, where he wanted to work temporarily for the local police. He served as a lieutenant in the US Marine Corps, and was used in 1983 during the war in Lebanon, which he has retained a scar over his heart. He always stressed the importance of serving his country.

The death of his wife in the attacks of 11 September 2001 charged him until the present day. In his closet he kept a beach volleyball, which belonged to his wife. Taylor once remarked that he can not bring the heart, wegzufwerfen the ball, which also contains part of his wife. he is called Mac by his colleagues. Him a deep friendship with Stella Bonasera. He is also a keen musician, playing in a band the bass. Gary Sinise also plays in reality the bass in the “”Lieutenant Dan Band””. Sinise played in Forrest Gump the figure of Lt. Dan Taylor after he named his band. From the third season Mac Taylor has a mistress, Dr. within the team Peyton Driscoll (Claire Forlani). However, it leaves the CSI investigators again in the fourth season. In Season 6 Mac is promoted to sergeant in the NYPD.

Stella Bonasera (Melina Kanakaredes)

As Taylor is CSI Detective First Grade. she dedicates her job with a strong personality, and willpower and sharp intelligence in the investigation work, which earned her the nickname of her colleagues “”Statue of Liberty (Statue of Liberty).”” She is half Greek, half Italian descent, and grew up in several foster care since their mother died in a car accident when Stella was two years old. Since it is involved in the management of the investigation teams she feels very closely with Mac Taylor connected. Especially it is concerned about the negative impact of the death of his wife, but is also concerned about his other well-being. In the first episode of the sixth season, she had a brief affair with Adam Ross.

Lindsay Monroe (Anna Belknap)

It is CSI Detective Third Grade, and worked for three years for the CSI in Montana before she joined the New York team of investigators. It is still a very new member of the team, which is why she looks at Mac as a kind of protege what you but rather displeasing. Monroe has a particularly forensic vein in the investigation, for the benefit of the work of the team. Their strict and serious work ethic and their can-do kind of complete the rest of the team very well. Soon she finds real friends among her colleagues. Fascinated by her boss she’s Mac. Even with Danny closes fast friendship, falls in love and marries him in Season 5. However carries them a difficult trauma with them, which is also the deeper motivation for their move to New York, and she revealed in the third season. Lindsay gets here a call from Bozeman (Montana). You should testify here as a witness in a murder case: as a teenager she had to watch as three of her friends and the waitress of a restaurant were shot. Lindsay was the only survivor and therefore the only witness. After she had to quit her testimony in court for the first time since it her was a psychological strain, could the next day, by Danny knife presence (he was spontaneously flew to Montana), identify the killer without any doubt and thus put behind bars.

Halfway through the season 5, is known that she is pregnant by Danny Messer. At that time, the actress Anna Belknap was pregnant and you can build into the series with this situation like this.

Dr. Sid Hammerback (Robert Joy)

He joined the second season in the team of investigators, he takes over the post of coroner Sheldon Hawkes. He is often portrayed as a genius in the series. He recently gave up his career as a chef gave up to become investigators in the CSI. He has the more difficult for other habit to tell all his thoughts verbally his environment. Despite some eccentric quirks Hammerback is attentive and cares seriously about the well-being of his colleagues.

Danny Messer (Carmine Giovinazzo)

Danny is probably the most complicated character of the team. He grew up in New York Staten Iceland, in a family of the Italian Mafia. For this reason, he has his own views of ethics, and is no different really essential between lawbreakers and -machern. Danny was brought personally by Mac Taylor into the team. In this it is, however, fell by its unreliable nature of favor. With Flack friendship connects him. Flack is the only one in the team that is trusted by Danny. Before joining CSI Danny was a budding baseball star. At the beginning of the third season is known only because here and that he annoys his colleague Lindsay, because he is in love with her. At the end of the third season Danny and Lindsay are then seen together in bed. Middle of the fifth season, is known that Lindsay is pregnant, in the 17th episode of the season they get married. In Episode 6-1 he is injured in a shooting and sitting since in a wheelchair.

Dr. Sheldon Hawkes (Hill Harper)

The CSI Detective Third Grade was previously the coroner. He was extremely gifted at a young age, graduated with 18 years of college, and was 24 years already fully trained surgeon. In addition, Hawkes has accumulated much experience in the emergency room, a hospital. From the second season, however, he has been working in the field.

Donald (Don) Flack (Eddie Cahill)

Flack is the link between the NYPD and the new Department CSI. He is the kind of cop who knows no mercy with “”bad guys””. By its nature it moves always at the limit of reasonable force. He is friends with Danny Messer and always has an ear for its numerous specific problems. It has a living also in New York sister.

Adam Ross (Rob Richards): He is one of the best laboratory technicians of the CSI team New Yorkk.

Background information on CSI: NYBei CSI: NY is a spin-off of CSI: Las Vegas. The first episode was broadcast on 22 September 2004 on US television. Like all other CSI series is even this shot, despite their title primarily in Los Angeles and rarely in New York. In reality, there is no CSI in New York. The tracker in New York have contributed instead in reality the abbreviation CSU (Crime Scene Unit). In the second season of CSI: Miami is already been transferred to the investigative team in New York. Horatio Caine (David Caruso) from Miami visited as part of the investigation into a double murder his colleagues Mac Taylor in New York. A renewed cross-over of the two places will eventually lead to an independent New York branch. The title song is like the other CSI series of “”The Who””.”

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