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Vinessa Antoine, Natasha Henstridge, Stacey Farber, Brandon Oakes, Shailene Garnett, Tim Rozon



Young and charming Africanada Marci got a job on the same legal office where her aunt worked and saw in a reporting situation created by a group of short-circuited cynics, which make every effort to protect their benefit of wealthy customers who were not always right, but they could pay for Efforts of expensive defenders. Marci is not stupid and not naive and she clearly understands that only her efforts are not enough to redo the fake world of politicians and merchants without compassioning giving knowingly false promises and smiles. But the girl also has its own principles and is ready to fight for them.

Currently, Marti is committing a difficult case on a midwife-policeman on a woman Leila Dauni. This proceedings are increasingly confused by the fact that the guy was removed from work, the management almost disruled from his employee and gave to the ripples of the public. His bride, working in law enforcement agencies, could not withstand injustice and in an interview with television stated the personal problems of the victim, its addictions to drugs and problems with the guardianship of two children. Marti does not like this approach about what it reports to a young couple and requires it to provide it to choosing a line of protection.

Marci in this business got a rather zealous and aggressive opponent in the face of the defender of Perse, who, by all means he wants to win this process. Even his supporters are trying to keep the righteous anger of the prosecutor who protruding the racial affiliation of the deceased Leila, forgetting that Constable Vinc Hu accused of this is a representative of national minorities. As a beginner, the policeman worked accompanied by an experienced partner, which also corrected his actions. But the charges are nominated only against the steering, and Capral has become the prosecution of his ward on the process.

At once again, Marti is convinced that each member of this case has its underlined secrets and desires. Everyone is trying to harm their participation with the benefits of themselves. There is no justice here, only the transaction on acceptable conditions for all. And this is not the last process.

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