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Marco de la O, Valentina Acosta, Juan Carlos Olivas, Humberto Busto, Hernán Romo, Alejandro Aguilar



Serial biographical tape shows the viewer the highlights of the life of Joaquin Guzman, who is known as El Chapo. It is to him that Mexican drug barons should be grateful for the current volume of drug trafficking. When the main character sold his first batch, the monopolists in this illegal business were Colombians filling the US with cocaine. Joaquin sought the help of Pablo Escobar, a man who was in full control of all movements of the drug in the country. They agreed on a major deal that almost cost El Chapo his life. But the man still managed to do the impossible: relying on the knowledge of the location of tunnels under the Mexican border, he was able to 48 hours to sell two tons of cocaine! After this hero was a success, but it lasted not long. the last part he was in prison. At the beginning of season 2, we learn that Joaquin is going to escape, so he tries to persuade Chito to help him. Simultaneously, the man finds new allies, connections which are used for the elimination of the cartel Avendaño. El Chapo prepared a lot of tests, will he be able to cope with each of them?

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