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Joel Zwick


Reginald VelJohnson, Darius McCrary, Jaleel White, Rosetta LeNoire, Bryton James, Telma Hopkins, Cherie Johnson, Bill Kirchenbauer



“The US sitcom Family Matters (OT: Family Matters) is about an African-American family living in a quiet suburb of Chicago and a member of the middle class. In particular, these are the Winslows – led by father Carl (Reginald VelJohnson). Furthermore, there’s Harriette (Jo Marie Payton), the mother of the family clan, and of course her three children Laura (Kellie Shanygne Williams), Eddie (Darius McCrary) and Judy (Jaimee Foxworth). In addition, part of the family Harriettes sister, Rachel (Telma Hopkins), who moved in with the Winslows after her husband’s death due to a clearance sale with her son, Richie (n / a n / a). Estelle (Rosetta LeNoire), the rebellious mother of Carl, has also taken root in the Winslos – not to mention Steven Urkel (Jaleel White), the annoying neighbor’s son, who already sees itself as a permanent guest.

Main Characters of All under one roof

Carl Winslow (Reginald VelJohnson) is the father of a family of Winslow. He works for the Chicago Police Department and, together with his wife Harriette three children. Carl is quite cheerful and has a lot of humor, can also quickly bring composure however.

Harriette Winslow (Jo Marie Payton / judyann elder) is the wife of Carl and the mother of Laura, Eddie and Judy. While her husband works, Harriette has assumed the role of housewife. It is more of a calmer mind and tried in the first place, keep the family together.

Laura Winslow (Kellie Shanygne Williams) is the daughter of Carl and Harriette. She is a normal teenager. Laura is tired of the neighbor boy Steve, because they can not stand the rebellious nature just like Carl. Nevertheless, Laura in love with Steve’s alter ego Stefan.

Edward Winslow (Darius McCrary) is simply called by all just and Eddie is the big brother of Laura. Like his sister, he is a typical teenager. Eddie can suffer quite well Steve and has a good relationship with his father – not least, he also wants to be a policeman.

Judy Winslow (Jaimee Foxworth) is the youngest daughter of Harriette and Carl. It is an ever-cheery child and ensures that the family budget Winslos never comes to rest. The figure of Judy has been written due to lack of popularity in the fourth season of the series.

Steve Urkel (Jaleel White) is the son of the family next door and a regular guest in the house of Winslow, although he is there not be tolerated by anyone. Especially his clumsy behavior coupled with his provocative remarks often causes extreme stresses.

Rachel Crawford (Telma Hopkins) is the sister of Harriette. After her husband died, her home was evicted. Thereupon, Rachel turned to her sister and now lives with her son Richie at the Winslows.

Richie Crawford (n / a n / a) is the son of Rachel and also lives with the Winslow’s in the house. He is incredibly childish. A fact that is often his undoing and into trouble. Richie goes great with Steve.

Estelle Winslow (Rosetta LeNoire) is the mother of Carl and has taken root in the Winslows. Although Estelle is already very old, she is not behind the children of the family in terms of silliness: Estelle loves to behave adolescent and mutually raise the individual family members.

Background information on all under one roof

All under one roof (OT: Family Matters) aired from 1989 to 1998 on ABC (from the ninth season on CBS). In the US series is an offshoot of the format Perfect Strangers (OT: Perfect Strangers). A total of 215 episodes were produced and released him under nine seasons since September 22 1989th The episodes have a run length of around 23 minutes. As Creators of All under one roof functioned Michael Warren and William Bickley. (MH)”

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