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Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Drama



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Josh Friedman


Jared Harris, Lou Llobell, Lee Pace, Leah Harvey, Laura Birn, Terrence Mann, Jairaj Varsani, Chipo Chung



The series “Foundation” transfers viewers to the future. Humanity has already learned to travel on endless spaces of space. People even founded a few colonies, each of which lives according to their rules. Several planets are already populated by people, but in addition to them, there are still many other races in the galaxy. The galactic empire is engaged in the control of the large part of the universe. Gary Seldon is a scientist who is engaged in the study of psychoistoria and is based on mathematical calculations in its works. He believes that the fall of the authorities is coming, which is holding a long millennium. The hero is set to make that future generations of humanity continue to develop science and retained a human form if the collapse of the empire will come. Gary gathers professionals and talented engineers who will fight for saving security in the future.

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