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Michael Kitchen, Honeysuckle Weeks



All wartime detective Christopher spent in his native England, while many residents of his country fought bravely on the front line. However, Foyle’s work is no less dangerous and important, as he faces the task of protecting and protecting the territory from enemy infiltrations and maintaining a peaceful atmosphere. During many years of service Foyle managed to understand that under the guise of respectable Englishmen can hide spies and traitors, and high-profile cases are made by quiet family men who have an excellent reputation. In each of the detective series is waiting for an exciting investigation, where he bit by bit will collect all the evidence and work out possible versions. First, the police will deploy a powerful company in his native Sussex, then go to the mysterious Liverpool to bring all the criminals to clean water. in the new series of the series Foyle’s War the action will unfold in the postwar period. To the delight of the whole world, the fascist troops were defeated, and the terrible idea of the Third Reich could not be embodied in reality, but the memories of the horrors of the war and its consequences will long be reminded of themselves. Detective Foyle returns to Sussex, but it’s too early to relax and he gets back to work. Crime rates have not decreased, the country is dominated by arbitrariness and devastation, and remained followers of Hitler’s ideology. Soon becomes known, that from local prison escapes prisoner of war, which was in fascist army. Capture of especially dangerous criminal charge Foyle, and the man at once finds some important clues, continuing to investigate resonant murder in the city.

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