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Gilmore Girls


Comedy, Drama


Nominated for 1 Golden Globe. Another 22 wins & 81 nominations.


The WB Television Network


Amy Sherman-Palladino, Chris Long


Lauren Graham, Alexis Bledel, Edward Herrmann, Kelly Bishop, Scott Patterson, Keiko Agena, Barbara Boxer, David Sutcliffe



Once Lorelai Gilmore lived in a rich house, went to a private school, attended balls and was content with all the pleasures of life that can get a daughter of wealthy parents. However, these delights were not to their liking, because in the soul the heroine was a real Tomboy and a rebel: her heart demanded adventure and vivid emotions, and not the stiff social events, where you need to keep face and generally behave. Lorelai’s parents-spouses Emily and Richard-were powerful and tough people. When the novel of their sixteen-year-old daughter and her classmate Christopher ended with an unexpected pregnancy, for the Gilmore couple it was a real blow. Not wanting to raise a child in such conditions, after the birth of her daughter Rory, Lorelai refused to marry Christopher and, taking the baby, left his father’s house. Once in 16 years by a single mother without means of livelihood, Lorelai did not despair: she moved to the small town of stars hollow and went to work in the only local hotel. Since then, many years have passed, and already grown Rory will soon celebrate his own sixteenth birthday. Together with her mother, she lives in a cozy house, goes to school, where she gets only the highest marks and is friends with the neighbor’s girl lane, whose parents own an antique shop. Gilmore girls – the real friend, which is easier to accept for the sisters, than mother and daughter. The heroines are similar in everything: they have the same sense of humor, they love the same music and movies, and even tastes in food they have similar. Senior Gilmore is doing everything to make Rory have a better life. When the girl receives an invitation to the best private school in Chilton, Lorelai is going to pay for education. Here is only do this not be easy: in Chilton raised prices, and now accumulated Lorelai money not???? on pay for first year. Stepping over her pride, the woman decides to seek help from her parents…

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