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Gomorra - La serie


Crime, Drama



Sky Atlantic


Marco D'Amore


Salvatore Esposito, Marco D'Amore, Ivana Lotito, Arturo Muselli, Mimmo Borrelli, Tania Garribba



The fifth season of the “Gomorra” series is the continuation of the Italian-German criminal thriller from Stefano Solima directors, Claudio Chapelini and Frances. Production of Film Company “Beta Film” and “Cattleya”. Starring: Salvator Esposito, Marco D’Azor, Fortunato Serlino, Maria Pia Calcone, Domenico Balsamo, Marco Palveti and others. The first season of the series came out in 2014. The film was created based on Roberto Saviano’s novel of Roberto Saviano, which was already adapted earlier in 2008 by the director Matteo Garrone as the epiced thriller.
The fifth season of the series continues to tell the story of the illicit trafficking of drugs in Naples, who controls two powerful criminal clan – the family of Salvatore Conte (Marco Palveti) and the family of Pietro Savastano (Fortunato Serlino). The latter thinks about ensuring its continuity, and gradually put his 20-year-old son Jenny (Salvatore Esposito) at the head of the clan. This insists the faithful wife of Pietro Immaquulat (Maria Pia Calcone), also known as “Lady Imma”.

Therefore, Pietro instructs its right hand – ambitious 30-year-old Chiro di Marzio (Marco D’Azor) close to this issue and ensure the ascent of Jenny on the throne of the criminal world. The orphaned Chiro lives in the Slums of the Scope on the outskirts of Naples, he believes Pietro Savastano with his godfather, but since it does not directly belong to the family, then his chances of promotion in service are rather low, although he is obsessed with power. But Chiro is ready to make the spoiled and loving pleasure of the son of Pietro Jenny’s new head of the clan, because he is played well for his devotional service.

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