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Good Girls


Comedy, Drama






Mae Whitman, Matthew Lillard, Manny Montana, Retta, Reno Wilson, Christina Hendricks



In the series “Good Girls ” three moms, from a seemingly prosperous American suburb, tired of life and the constant lack of money and decide to rob a local supermarket. One needs funds for the treatment of the child, the second hates his job as a cashier, and the third suddenly found out that her husband devastated their joint account. Good girls are going to be criminals and change their lives. While they don’t know where they will lead them to this fateful decision. Armed with a toy gun and black masks, they RAID the store. However, the jackpot, broken by them, was much larger than they expected.
Having seized the whole bag of cash, ladies are sure that they succeeded and there will be no consequences. Stolen money helps them to feel happy for a while and get rid of urgent problems. But trouble was not long in coming. It turns out that the dollars they spent so easily belonged to a criminal group. And these guys do not like to joke, especially when they cross the road. When bandits find women, they find themselves in a very difficult and dangerous situation. Will they be able to get out of this serious mess?

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