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Sorcha Groundsell, Percelle Ascott, Guy Pearce



In “The Innocents” Harry and June, a pair of teenage lovers, run away from their strict families to be together. Without certain plans, without thinking about where they will live, without any things and money. In absolute uncertainty and emptiness, with only one belief that love can change any circumstances and allow them to overcome any difficulties. But their parents were not in vain so against this Union. They kept a lot of secrets. Going on a trip, Harry and June not only test the skills to adapt to difficult conditions, but also learn a lot about themselves. In particular, they will have uncovered the supernatural abilities of not weak power, which were hidden throughout life, which can forever share this couple. I wonder what other secrets their family kept. Teenagers do not suspect that their adventures on the wings of love away from home can be fatal for them.

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