ITV Shows

ITV (Independent TV) is a British TV channel that covers all the territory of the UK. Along with the BBC, ITV – one of the two oldest British broadcasters. It was founded in 1955. Letter I in the title – the word «Independent». This is the largest and most popular among viewers commercial television network in the United Kingdom.

ITV HD was launched since 2009. IPTV1 started being broadcast in 2011 and is characterized with commercial broadcasts, advertisement and other campaigns of such a type and in general is accepted ambiguously, unlike ITV. Dramas, reality shows and games, cartoon for children, soap operas and series of many genres can be found on ITV. In general, broadcast covers England, Wales, Scotland and the Channel Islands. Being one of the most influential British tv companies, ITV still lost part of the audience with the advent of multi-channel television.