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Comedy, Drama, Sci-Fi & Fantasy



Global TV


Peter A. Gaskin, Jeffrey Hirschfield


Brian Downey, Jeffrey Hirschfield, Tom Gallant, Patricia Zentilli, Nigel Bennett, Louise Wischermann



What do we know about space, life and death, the Universe, distant planets, time and space? I think that’s enough? As it is not so! It’s time to learn something about the real state of things, and that You will not be taught in school.
so, first, the universe is divided into two parts: Light and Darkness. At first the Universe was dominated by His divine Shadow that manages in 20 thousand planets created with the help of the divine Order. But not all beings obediently obey the rules prescribed By his divine Shadow, for which they are punished. As, for example, Zev Bellringer – arrived from the planet B3K girl whose offense consisted in public insult of the husband and refusal to perform conjugal duties. For such behavior Zev was sent to the planet Cluster is the capital of the League of planets, where, according to the court, was to become a love slave. However, turning slightly prevented the lizard, so now Xev – girl with very unusual abilities for a human. Kai is the only representative destroyed by the Shadow race from the planet of the Brunnen g, the memory of which is erased, so that during 2000 years have served as a Divine Assassin suddenly regaining memories. Both characters are on Board a reasonable starship Lexx , created to serve the Shadow as the most powerful weapon. With one shot, Lexx can destroy an entire planet, then use its energy as fuel. The new starship captain, Stanley Tweedle, who captured him. At the beginning of the 1st season, accidentally received the key to the spaceship from the army of the heretics who wanted to steal it, Stanley without thinking took the helm of a starship. Along with the trio of heroes is on Board the Robot-drone 790, or rather just his head, because the body was eaten by hungry lizard.


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