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8.4/ 10

403,477 votes

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Action & Adventure, Drama, Mystery


Won 1 Golden Globe. Another 105 wins & 375 nominations.


American Broadcasting Company


Carlton Cuse, Adam Horowitz


Matthew Fox, Evangeline Lilly, Naveen Andrews, Josh Holloway, Terry O'Quinn, Daniel Dae Kim, Sonya Walger, Todd Bryant



In the fifth season with the island will begin to happen something unimaginable. This mysterious piece of land will move randomly in time and space, finally driving crazy and confusing the unfortunate passengers of flight 815. Survivors will begin to overcome hallucinations. Many of them will finally lose touch with reality and cease to distinguish the imaginary from the real. Jack, Ben and Kate are among the few who managed to maintain clarity of mind. This was largely due to the fact that they managed to leave the island for a while. But now the heroes return to save their comrades and try to finally solve the mystery of what happened to them.
people, among Others, will be new some new enemies. Also, the heroes will be able to find out that the starting point of what is probably 1977, when the powerful nuclear weapons were tested. Mr. Locke will suddenly become a key figure, because his past hides many keys to the mysteries of the present.

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