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Rob Cohen


Marc Maron, Constance Zimmer



Maron is a middle-aged loser whose life is full of trouble. Once upon a time the man had dreams and plans, but he just went with the flow and did not try to change anything. Since childhood, the hero was distinguished by the ability to make people laugh and interest the audience, he predicted the future of a brilliant comedian. Now, however, the Mayor only rarely performs in cheap shows. The personal life of a man also leaves much to be desired-he has two failed marriages. Maron is selfish and has a complex character, so only a very patient woman will be able to accept his shortcomings. Sometimes hero recalled, somehow he was twenty-five years ago, as he launched career on television and believed in the best. In his spare time, a man fills his grief with strong alcohol and slowly but surely rolls downhill. however, the series Maron proves to the audience that at any age and under any circumstances there is a chance to change your life, you need to show a little patience and diligence. One day the comedian decides to organize a show and lead it from his own garage. The man did not hope for the success of the project, but even the most vicious critics appreciated his transfer. Gradually, the Mayor began to invite television stars and talk to them on candid topics, which only increased the ratings of the show, and the number of fans began to increase. Now celebrities themselves tend to get into the garage to the popular host and answer his tricky questions. The image of the cynical and beaten by life of the man was incredibly successful, but how long the Mayor will be able to hold on afloat?

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