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Comedy, Drama


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Judy Greer, Nat Faxon, Brett Gelman, Jenny Slate, Sarah Burns



Having met completely by chance, Rus and Lina realized at first sight that this was fate and never parted again. Their pastime was full of adventures, interesting discoveries and romance. After several years of friendship, the main characters make a serious decision go under the crown and consolidate their marriage ties before God. Then each day was like a fairytale. But now all this is in the past, already given not by young Rui and Lina are engaged in the education of their daughters, who have long been not small. Everyday they face not with the manifestation of love and care, but with increasing difficulties that even the head of the family begins to frighten. Both husband and wife understand that all quarrels and reproaches have only one reason the lack of diversity in life. They both yearn and nostalgize for the merry and carefree days of their long-gone youth. How would they cope with the situation one will find out in the TV series Married season 2.

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