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Documentary, Sci-Fi & Fantasy


4 nominations.


National Geographic Channel



Nicholas Wittman, Alberto Ammann, Ben Cotton, Kata Sarbó, Karen Gagnon



Aso Kira is very fond of fine art, which helped her to meet the young man Kasino Ray. It would seem that they have nothing in common, and their meeting is impossible. The main character just on the beach wrote a picture, and the guy drove past on a motorcycle. Aso was not used to the attention of the male representatives, so she responded briefly and dryly to the guy who was obviously unevenly breathing in her direction. The girl hoped that she would not meet anyone in her life, but fate decided quite differently. Ray did not think about the attention of the girls at school yet. He understood that all the beauties would definitely fall to the guys from his or a parallel class. That’s why now he decided not to miss his opportunity and talk with Kira. This greatly surprised Sugihara Harumi, a girl who had long been in love with Ray. The behavior of the guy is also incomprehensible to Kid Tatsuyu, who is his best friend. Gradually, thanks to the drawings of Kira, young people began to approach each other. And at this moment, her classmate from the junior school of Kirishima Masao is transferred to Kira’s class. Is there a love polygon in the TV series Mars season 1?

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