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Original Title:

The Mentalist


Mystery, Drama





David Nutter


Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Tim Kang, Owain Yeoman, Amanda Righetti, Tim Guinee, Sharmila Devar



Patrick Jane continues to surprise the authorities with his abilities. Thanks to the main character, many mysterious crimes were solved. Patrick does not act alone, with him always next to his faithful partner Teresa Lisbon, also not deprived of intellectual abilities. The mentalist finally waited for his-Bloody John, who took the life of his wife and son Patrick, reappeared. What was severe disappointment and anger of Jane, when he found out that the user requested the search of his sworn enemy the other detectives. A former psychic must necessarily find a way to return to the investigation of his life. Meanwhile, Theresa and Patrick do not have to be bored. Bloody John is not the only person in California who breaks the law. The state continues to commit other crimes, therefore, the heroes will have something to do in addition to thinking about how to return to the main investigation.

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Episode 1

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Episode 5

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Episode 6

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Episode 7

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Episode 8

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Episode 9

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Episode 10

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Episode 11

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Episode 12

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Episode 13

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Episode 14

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Episode 15

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Episode 16

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Episode 17

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Episode 18

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Episode 19

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Episode 20

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Episode 21

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Episode 22

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