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Original Title:

The Mentalist


Mystery, Drama





Bruno Heller, Randall Zisk


Simon Baker, Robin Tunney, Tim Kang, Owain Yeoman, Amanda Righetti, Polly Walker, Soledad St. Hilaire



The man Patrick killed in the previous series wasn’t Bloody John at all. The madman is still walking free, realizing his evil plans. As it turns out later, the maniac does not always act alone, and law enforcement agencies manage to detain the woman who helped John to make his bloody acts. This was due to the mentalist himself, as well as the concerted actions of irreconcilable competitors – the California and Federal Bureau of investigation. Patrick will have to make a lot of effort and use all his abilities to get an accomplice to assist the investigation and bring him to the leader. in Addition to the main storyline related to the capture of red John, we are waiting for another portion of other smaller investigations. Corrupt politicians, robbers, and other sinister sadists and maniacs are not asleep, constantly adding work to Patrick Jane and his colleagues.

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