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8.4/ 10

7,740 votes

Original Title:

Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries


Crime, Drama, Mystery


1 win & 8 nominations.





Essie Davis, Miriam Margolyes, Ashleigh Cummings, Nathan Page, Richard Bligh, Hugo Johnstone-Burt



It is unlikely to the criminal even with the most sophisticated imagination will come to mind that the charming and elegant lady is capable to be the dangerous enemy. Sophisticated lady detective miss Phryne Fisher belongs to the category of women who fascinate everyone. But beneath the beautiful exterior lie a remarkable cold-blooded intelligence, cunning and bravery. Phryne is not afraid of dangerous adventures, and even the chase with the shootings are not able to confuse her. She is one of those who are talked about as adventurers, because a woman can not imagine her life without an additional portion of adrenaline. In addition, the heroine is fluent in any kind of weapon, so it can stand up for themselves. And if it is quite capable not only to develop a great speed on the car, but also to take over the steering wheel of the aircraft. But Phryne is not alien to women’s weaknesses: she loves secular techniques, which is reputed to be one of the most charming representatives of high society and do not mind having an affair with a nice young man. And it is a pleasure to dance with her, because the young woman knows the technique of tango perfectly. But if the heroine faces a crime, the villains just nesdobrovat! Lady detective long on the trail, and then gives the offender to the authorities. That’s why the woman has a definite influence. But Phryne will take, or for her there is no less sophisticated rival?

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