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Rob McElhenney, Todd Biermann


Rob McElhenney, Ashly Burch, Jessie Ennis, Imani Hakim, David Hornsby, Charlotte Nicdao, Elisha Henig, Elisha Henig



The second wave of Originals Apple TV + arrived! For those who do not like to read a multi-sector, I will say right away – the series should check out. Friendly Tip: If you think about the first series to throw – wait the 5 series (or look out of the queue). It transforms the series. A little prehistory. From the announcement itself threw me into the fire, then into the water from news on the TV series. Stregnating service of the company whose devices are not intended for games, removes the series about the game studio. Exchange caste, famous actors with successful serials of the community type and in Philadelphia are always sunny. Cooperation with Ubisoft, who added a series of piquancy. In addition, the declared comedy genre, which is so easy not to take out. Natural cat in a bag. First impression. A bunch of familiar persons is nice. To the game of actors do not find fault, but in the original – double pleasure. Beginning, in my opinion, Topor, even though it can be written off for familiarity with characters. In general, the series is quite holistic and plot. It has no atmosphere of Sitkom, there is something else: there is no feeling that it all jokes, and everything will be like the next series, as before. And there will be no. Characters will say honestly, by the first series I was disappointed. I waited more, although I tried not to overestimate expectations. I wanted to see something like the community, and I saw a funny jokes of the first episodes. But then … With the fifth along the ninth series, the series for me made a big turn. The plot was saturated, and the caricature, at first glance, the characters got the desired depth – and that the main thing, began to develop !!! Just a miracle! Of the negative moments, I personally did not like the beta testers. Two girls, one of whom is in love with another, and the other does not notice her feelings. They are pretty well, but terribly boring. For the main characters and their workout – tower. With secondary there are still where to grow, although everything is not so bad there too. The plot tried to foresee the plot turns several times – failed. Pleasantly impressed. For the comedy genre – the highest ball. Visual part. Honestly, I do not like. But not the picture itself, and inserts from the game. They draw some Skyrim, and the characters are about a little different. It would be better to do without inserts, but would leave the spacious for the imagination of the viewer, IMHO. His humor is not enough, he is so myself, especially at the beginning. But then, having loved the characters to the middle, at the end of the season, more and more funny moments. The verdict after watching .. did not know that I want to see a similar comedy until I looked. I waited at all, but in the end I am satisfied. Like the disclosure of the characters and the plot, but there is little jokes, and some interesting minor characters are too poorly disclosed. Hopefully work on it.

Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet season1 full tv show episodes

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