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Among modern programs there are those that are really interesting to watch, but most of them are copied from each other and differ only in some moments. Show Naked and scared XL – a fundamentally new project, and it becomes clear from the first frame. It is worth Recalling that all participants previously starred in the same program, where they had to survive for 21 days in the wildest corners of the planet. Now the rules have changed significantly. In season 1, the heroes – 6 men and 6 women-need 40 days to survive in the wild of Colombia. They are divided into 4 teams and scatter three participants in a small area of land in a few tens of kilometers. Each of the teams will have to cope with individual tests, not to mention the fact that they will have to resist stinging insects, reptiles and nasty large predators. A significant role will be played by the human factor: if initially the characters are trying to get along, then closer to the final of the season they will be ready to literally kill each other.

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