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My Name Is Earl




Nominated for 4 Golden Globes. Another 15 wins & 70 nominations.




Timothy Stack, Greg Garcia


Jason Lee, Ethan Suplee, Nadine Velazquez, Jaime Pressly, Eddie Steeples, Louis T. Moyle, Seth Green, Beau Bridges



Earl J. Hickey was never a role model. But it could be considered an example of a bully: in elementary school this irrepressible Tomboy in every one mocked anyone who got in his field of vision. All suffered: both teachers, and schoolmates, and neighbors on the area. And although battered any poor guy who fell under the hot hand of Hickey, the worst had the guys with pronounced shortcomings, for example, a bearded girl or a shy Shorty from the Junior class. However, this transgression of the protagonist of the series my name is Earl didn’t end there: in addition to the abuse of his victims, he often scammed, peeling pockets and carrying all that is bad. It is not surprising that such a life has not led the hero to anything good. Today Earl-an adult, but did not take place a man, a real loser who made many mistakes. He still does not refuse to itself pleasure to pocket other people’s things, or to once again say a taunt passerby. And, it seems, fate pays him in the answer the same coin. The last straw for Earl was a recent event. The stolen lottery ticket turned out to be a winner-Hickey tore a huge jackpot! But a hundred thousand dollars went right out from under the nose of the man, when on his way there raced at high speed car. Crippled Earl, losing a ticket and being in the care of doctors, suddenly realized what is the cause of all his problems. After all, he is still a slob and a real disaster for others! So, all the trouble – from spoiled karma. But this has its advantage, because bad karma can be corrected by compensating for all evil with new good deeds. In season 2, Earl continues to search for his former victims, following a list of 259 items. In this he was assisted by brother Randy’s ex-wife joy.

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