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6.9/ 10

34,518 votes

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Crime, Drama, Mystery


Nominated for 1 Primetime Emmy. Another 4 wins & 1 nomination.




Alex Zakrzewski, Ralph Hemecker


David Krumholtz, Rob Morrow, Peter MacNicol, Judd Hirsch, Navi Rawat, Alimi Ballard, Sophina Brown



What do we know about numbers? We meet them everywhere: on the buttons in the elevators and bus numbers, on the price tags in the shops, in the endless bills that it is time to pay, and in the checkbooks, they indicate the clock. Also, with the help of numbers, humanity predicts the weather, designs space rockets, catches criminals. Surprisingly, simple mathematics can predict human behavior, identify patterns, and analyze crime. And Charlie Epps, a Professor at the University of California and a brilliant mathematician, is best known about this. Charlie is the chief assistant in the team of the Los Angeles FBI office. His older brother don is the lead agent, who has a lot of arrests and solved cases. Together, the brothers unravel the most difficult crimes. Junior Epps uses his knowledge and logic to expose the villains. Don agent with well-honed skills and experience – masterfully manages the operations, catches criminals and finds the links between criminal groups. Their duet is a weapon against which the city’s criminals have no chance. season 2 of Numbers opens with the mysterious murder of the Federal judge’s wife. Senior Epps and his new team will have to find out whether the death of the woman is related to the professional activities of her husband. Ahead of Charlie and the FBI many investigations: the mysterious invisible , who managed to bypass all the surveillance cameras in the mansion of the popular singer, the secret code of the terrorist group, the machinations of pharmaceutical companies, a series of arson. And when it comes to a psychic, materialist Charlie does everything possible to prove: magicians and sorcerers – no more than the usual charlatans.

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