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Frank castle, the protagonist of this crime-drama series, was a happy family man. He loved his wife Maria, their children, he liked to be a husband and father. In the past, he was a marine, but the service was left behind, and it was replaced by a peaceful family life. How could Frank think that his most native people will ever leave him, and even not on their own? He didn’t have any bad feelings, but the tragedy happened. The wife and children were victims of street fights of some gangs. When castle realized what happened, he hated the whole world. His only desire at that moment was to kill everyone who was involved in the death of his family. At first he found them, and then I realized that I had to clear the city from all criminals. So he became a Punisher. The main character opened his hunt for bandits, but began to work undercover. He even got a job working on a construction site, so as not to give himself away, but there was one situation that showed who Frank really is. As many in the city tried to find it to deal with it, after all it managed to cross the road to a considerable number of people from the criminal world, now they had a real chance to make it.

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