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The events of the serial film take us to the world that actually survived the Apocalypse. Many decades ago, a fierce confrontation began between the world powers, which led to the use of biological and chemical weapons by several countries. This not only takes the war to a new level, but also provokes multiple mutations among people. The last echo of the war is a serious change in the appearance of the continents. The only suitable place to live is North America, which has also undergone drastic changes. Now these territory occupy not only people, but and the gnomes, dwarves, trolls and elves. The plot of the TV series Shannara Chronicles is a fantasy literary work Shannara, written by Terry Brooks. In the series, like the book, developments are mostly around elves. This is the only race that has nothing to do with humans, and only these creatures possess magic. They are trying in every way to protect their world from another war, which can begin at any time. Everything is complicated by the destruction of the ancient tree Ellcrys. It was made by the demons who escaped on will, going to wipe out all other beings from the face of the Earth. Now the four races need to join forces to confront a common enemy, but will they cope with this task? Will they be able to forget about old grievances?

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