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Shaun Micallef's Mad as Hell


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Shaun Micallef, Francis Greenslade, Roz Hammond, Emily Taheny, Tosh Greenslade, Stephen Hall



“Rome in the 15th century: the Spanish Borgias in Italy has plenty of power and wealth. Even more it receives, as their chief Rodrigo Borgia as Pope Alexander VI. is appointed. However, the Cardinals are not pleased with it, because the Borgia has gained the office by bribery and intrigue. To secure his power, everything is permitted for Rodrigo Borgia. Poison murder, bribery and Erpessung are so commonplace. But the Borgias have to contend with powerful enemies, including the French king invades Italy and only diplomacy can prevent the Borgias be overrun by their enemies.

Main characters of The Borgias

Rodrigo Borgia (Jeremy Irons) is the head of the Borgia family. It manages to be elected by bribing the Pope. So that his life-long dream come true. The resistance is large, however: In order to keep his position, he comes as head of the Catholic Church also corpses.

Cesare Borgia (François Arnaud) is the oldest son of the pope and is appointed by him as Bischoff, which is considered by the opponents of the Borgias as an affront. As consigliore his father, he carries out the numerous crimes on behalf of the family, always keen to support the power of the family and serve his father, even if it does not comply with his wishes.

Lucrezia Borgia (Holliday Grainger), the daughter of Rodrigo Borgia. It is newly married to power conservation of the family must be in matrimony but violence and neglect experienced. Eh older she gets, the more seasoned they will use their charms to achieve their goals.

Juan Borgia (David Oakes), the second son of Rodrigo Borgia and is adored by the latter. He was appointed commander of the papal army, but is not able to really fill this position. He prefers to go to brothels or seduced the wife of his younger brother.

Vanozza di Cattanei (Joanne Whalley) is the mother of the children of Rodrigo Borgia. However, it is denounced as a whore because the Pope is not married to her. Although long been not share the Pope’s bed, she is still matriarch of the house and a key member of his family.

Background information on The Borgias

The TV series is based on real events, even if the story is not displayed properly in all historical details. The Borgia family provided two Popes and had great influence on the then culture. Writer and producer Michael Hirst, the creator of The Tudors. Directed by Neil Jordan (Interview with the Vampire, The Brave One).”

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