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Crime, Drama, Mystery





David Kane, Lee Haven Jones


Douglas Henshall



A fascinating detective series continues to tell the audience about the work of police inspector Perez, who returned home after a long absence and is now trying to protect the locals from the treacherous criminals. The protagonist of the series Shetland has already managed to show the townspeople that he is able to protect their peace of mind, but suddenly there is a brutal murder of a teenage girl in the city, which forces Jimmy to once again prove his competence. Together with his team, the inspector begins to investigate, starting to suspect a local hermit named Magnus Bain. This man is very unfriendly, and the Windows of his house overlook just the crime scene. But soon the detective realizes that Magnus is innocent, and the story of the murder is rooted in the city’s past. The main character connects today’s crime with the mysterious disappearance of a seven-year-old girl katriona, who disappeared 19 years ago. Are the Shetland Islands has appeared the serial maniac?


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