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“Superior Donuts” season 3 is very a dynamic and hilarious comedy, which meanwhile tells us about the eternal theme the dialectic unity of opposites. The clash of old and new and their coexistence in the unity of the struggle, which carries the movement forward is the force that contributes to the development of all mankind, and of individual cells, and representatives.
In the first season of “Superior Donuts” the viewer is met with two very funny, but very sincere, although very different characters and the circumstances that led to their introduction and further joint coexistence.
The first of them is Arthur. This is already an old man, who once long ago as a child his parents were taken from Poland during the socialist period of its existence, in the hold of the ship. Together with your child the parents have taken and a recipe for delicious Polish doughnuts, thanks to which they managed very well to spin in their new homeland, and even to open a small bakery shop in Chicago. But time goes, and the laws of imperialism dictate the rules. Bakery of Arthur, with all the Goodies, baked products starts to become not as profitable, and sometimes even unprofitable. And the main reason is that to attract buyers lack the range of its baking. But stubborn in their beliefs Arthur doesn’t want to change anything, and stubbornly continues to adhere to extremely old family recipe, openly despising there are all sorts of croissants, muffins and other strange stuff. Some wits even given a nickname by Arthur “Museum of donuts” due to the stubborn retrograde his master, and his unwillingness to change anything.
Second character’s name is Franco wicks. This young black guy that called, bristling with passion and different ideas that can help infuse new life into the old institution, and help to attract not only the old, proven regulars and new clientele.
Franco comes to work for old-fashioned and grumpy Arthur, and he, somehow, completely inexplicably still manages to convince him of its necessity, despite the difference in their views on businesses and approaches to dealing with customers. However, for all their otherness and difference, like age, race, temperament and other characteristics these two have something in common. This unwillingness to surrender in a difficult battle against the local sharks of capitalism, which has already bought all the small shops in the area, and pointed my insatiable maw of the Museum of donuts. Franco and sincerely struggles to do everything to support his conservative employer in the quest to defend its independence. However, in “Superior Donuts”, not without all sorts of funny situations.

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