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Tabula Rasa








Veerle Baetens, Stijn Van Opstal, Hilde Van Mieghem, François Beukelaers, Lynn Van Royen, Tom Audenaert



Great Britain, London, our days. The plot is charming, hysterical, Flabeg, a young English woman who suffers from his own bad temper. Recently, the heroine has experienced a tragedy, and this fact greatly complicated her life. She is full of hatred, quick-tempered, loves to feel sorry for herself, willful and does not recognize any authorities. Fleabag, strong, impatient, sassy, independent feminist with a sex-starved person. She is not able to get along with men, and with those few friends who still remain, often quarrels, but most of all the heroine of a serial Comedy wants to finally get together and get on with her life. However, it turns out it’s harmful to women poorly, which is going through not only myself, Flybag, but her parents are pensioners who are trying to help her daughter. However, it is even more difficult than they could imagine, because of the irrepressible cocky and Fleabag refuses to listen to good, clear and wise advice.

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Episode 9

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Episode 19

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