The 20 Best AMC Original TV Series to download

After its name contraction and programming changes,”American Movie Classics” since 2007 broadcast TV shows of a high quality. Their creations “Fear the Walking Dead” and “Better Call Saul” speak for themselves. Here the story still matters. So let the story line begin. Check the list of TV series to download below.

20. The Prisoner
The attempt of resembling the 1967 legend failed. The “based on” twin had no innovative narrative techniques, surrealistic atmosphere. Everything turned into finite Sisyphus work for its creators and no Tantalus’s temptation for the viewership.

19. Feed the Beast
What were exquisite are explanations related to gastronomy. But the clients. Those who arrive at the establishment are so identikit that one even lacks words for describing. You could compare “Feed the Beast” with onion dessert – in general, experimenting is a great thing but the proper products are to be taken for the ideal (or at least proper) final result.

18. Low Winter Sun
American variant of the grim British drama”Low Sun” is more dramatic and grim is needed in this case. Simultaneously, it lacks atmosphere and action. In one word, negative over-the-top series.

17. Ride with Norman Reedus
No any kind of pioneering is expected this time, but “The Walking Dead” idol plus a vehicle associated with masculinity plus picturesque landscapes result in quite a good show.

16. The Pitch
This TV series looked like an ad industry insider’s journey that is summarizing what in general their job look like. Release of emotional tension after the lucrative prize races was quite considerable.

15. Talking Dead
Everyone who is related to “The Dead” with either emotions and prominence or with their participation in this project talks and comments the series event that take place. This results in exploration of the original film, making it even more popular. So why not.

14. Fear the Walking Dead
Not as magnetic and gripping is its predecessor,”Fear the Walking Dead” is a noteworthy TV show and event. Though a brand new line of leads and narratives is yet to be created in order to avoid discrepancies between the dramas.

13. Humans
Starting with “Blade Runner” and further on TV cyborgs, matters of their equality with humans, role and destiny of them both in the society is a beaten-up topic. “Humans” ’s emphasis on solitude and sadness along with convincing actors’ play make an expectation of the next season a thrilling thing.

12. Into the Badlands
All the main ideas have already been expressed, but the style and function they bear play a vital role in perception. Not withstanding somewhat stiffly conversations in the series (majority of killers seem to have that feature), content and scenes of fight with and without weapon are awe-inspiring.

11. Comic Book Men
Those who consider originally published print of comix to be “my precious” – this is the series for you. It’s an absolute heaven for you, graphic novels devotees. TV show chats and repartee’s are a matter of a separate thorough detailed appraisal. Now matter how comic-geeky you are, a treasure of new knowledge about the dear comix character will be carried out in any case.

10. Rubicon
If you like analytic type of TV leads with high IQ, it could have been a series for you. Agent gets involved into a storm of intricate plots of worldwide greatness and has to find a way out. Unfortunately, “Rubicon” failed to reach the needed percentage of viewership in order to keep existing after only 13 episodes.

9. Preacher
Searches of God have never been so odd, humorous and epic at the same time. Looks like this series will be a one of the water cooler issues due to its surrealistic action with sloshed bloodsuckers, bursting clergy and fierce brawls. So, let the hunt start.

8. Halt and Catch Fire
No true geeks and nerd are to be found here yet. There are work conflicts, competing and maturing of character in the background of technology development. Everything is simple and elegant.

7. The Killing
This TV show’s plot is thrilling and compelling, soaked with horror that is mixed with hopelessness. Definitely, Rosie’s destiny won’t be as enthralling as Laura Palmer’s one and won’t make people gather demonstrations, draw placards and demand the answer. Though, it is still great.

6. Turn: Washington Spies
This TV series conceals or distorts some of the character’s biographic details for the narrative to look more fully and corresponding the serious events that took place. Lies for the sake of idea’s greatness, so to say. Still, apart from dim past described, this is a wonderful first-class thriller that is to be continued is its season 4.

5. Hell on Wheels
Medium-temp meditation on destiny twists and lives of various strata representatives who are related to the Transcontinental Road’s construction. The series of lavish important topics explored.

4. Better Call Saul
“Spin-off” would sound offensive here – the series is praiseworthy on its own. Dramatic drama about gradual personality shifts that are far from straightforward ones.

3. Mad Men
One more advertisement show that pays attention to personal issues more. Bias, absence of any type of ethic restrictions and tolerance, all the varieties of bad habits – everything can be found here. The artfully created series are shocking, full-bodied and result in hungover.

2. The Walking Dead
The amount of the already infected with this show can not be measured, the number of those who are yet to be is even hard to predict. The Walking Dead virus spread fast and has no mercy.

1. Breaking Bad
Not the slightest doubt concerning No.1 has appeared while creation this list. Engrossing transformation from the white to the black solved everything. “I have seen the best of you, and the worst of you, and I choose both.” (Sarah Kay). Be it so.