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The “Last Ship”, TNT TV series filmed on the basis of on an eponymous book by William Brinkley presents us the next alternative version of apocalypses. In season 3 while command of destroyer “Nathan James” under the commandment of its courageous and decisive captain Tom Chandler furrowed ocean spaces of our planet, a great catastrophe burst out on land. Either it was a nuclear war or a breakout of an epidemic virus but in fact the planet*s population perished almost totally. As, however, and all the other living creatures.

A ship tries to find shelter in bays where there are still living people. After the line of the unsuccessful missions the “Nathan” crew starts a rebellion. Sailors are gripped with confusion when they realize that they may be the only survivors on the whole Earth. Captain Chandler must restrain the worries of 218 people. Because now discipline is the only necessary thing for general survival. Maybe, the survival of the last representatives of human civilization.

In the novel, source of “The Last ship’s inspiration, the crew of “Nathan James” runs into a soviet submarine. The creators of serial decided to film without this bright episode. It seemed to them to be not politically correct. Who knows.