We have gathered the list of tv shows to download, and a short description of every series:

The Family Law is a comedy series which introduces the viewers to the decaying Chinese-Australian family, which is quite unlike any other family that you’ve ever seen. Events will unfold on behalf of Benjamin who is a Chinese gay teenager, the third of five children in the family. He is illegally turns out to be in the small Australian town. Here, he faces an abundance of turmoil either at the school connected with the fact that he has no father, or connected to his non-traditional orientation and legal problems which may cause deportation.

800 Words is a TV series the major hero of which is George Turner who enjoys life, working as a journalist in a Sydney newspaper. But suddenly his wife dies, leaving him two children – a daughter and a son. The children were confused, but their father believed in a new life. After the incident, he decides to leave their usual place of residence and to begin life with a new sheet. The main character buys a new home on the coast of New Zealand town through the Internet. But the dream of a quiet life of George is not going to come true, as the villagers are very interested in the neighbors.

Glitch is a TV show the major hero of which is a police officer named James Hayes. During one of the regular tasks, James went to the cemetery, where he discovered a supernatural phenomenon. Six people were resurrected and rose from their graves. They were in adequate condition, but did not remember anything from their past. After James came closer and began to get acquainted with the resurrected, he found his wife, who recently died. All resurrected want to know who and why have raised them as well as what is their purpose. Australian filmmakers have successfully picked the area for filming this mystical series, because City Juran is famous for its mysterious landscapes.

Lopez is a comic project which is based on the combination of fiction and biography of the famous American comedian of Hispanic origin. He is too rich so that simply to go back to the roots of the working class. But, at the same time, he is too “brown” to be able to feel comfortable enough in his life as a wealthy celebrity. Therefore, being George Lopez means to face many problems.

Code to Zero is a series which is an adaptation of the detective thriller of K. Folleta. The action takes place in the modern world. It all starts with the fact that a man who finds it difficult to come round, suddenly discovers that he is at the central train station, while he does not remember how he has turned out to be here, and does not remember his own name. In the course of the series the main character collects the details of his life, finding out who he is. He is also engaged in the disclosure of the conspiracy, based on the leadership of the two countries in the world in outer space.

Him is a mini drama which tells the story of 17-year-old boy who had inherited a set of superpowers from his grandfather. Parents of the guy are not aware of this fact and have pretty cool relationship to him, because he reminds them about their unsuccessful marriage. In addition, they have new families now. Therefore, he can trust only his grandmother. It was she who has been trying to teach and explain the specifics of his powers, as well as their correct destination. New complexities arise when the hero becomes indifferent to a girl who is his half-sister.

Wasted is a TV comedy that introduces the everyday life of four old friends. They live in a quiet provincial center. Morpheus has the shop of magic items and sees the traces of the world conspiratorial plot in everything. His sister helps him to cope with the trade. Morpheus lives in an apartment with a friend who is experiencing financial difficulties and at the same time nourishes the feelings for their friend Alice. She wants to do the healing work next door to the bench of the protagonist.