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Family, Animation, Action & Adventure






Ron Perlman, Kelsey Grammer, Fred Tatasciore, Jonathan Hyde, Amy Landecker, Tom Hiddleston



Since ancient times in a magical dungeon is a struggle between good creatures who want to live with people in the world, and the evil who want to bring chaos and devastation to the world. The plot of the animated series with an unusual name Troll Hunters tells the story of 15-year-old Jim, who will become a great warrior in the fight against the forces of evil. One day he found himself in the basement of an unusual mascot and the family of good trolls guarding it. According to the main thing, the strange find used to belong to a powerful defender of local lands. He was the bravest and bravest man in the two worlds. But in one of the last battles the terrible Bular overcame him. The amulet was lost. In the hands of the young man an ancient artifact came for a reason. Only the chosen one is worthy to receive the power hiding in him. Now an ordinary schoolboy will have to learn how to fight and defend the world from mystical villains. And new friends will be great helpers in this business and in many everyday activities, too. After all, Jim needs to hide his opportunities from other people, and it is very difficult to do so when there is a danger at every corner, which is impossible to cope with methods that do not cause suspicion…

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