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“Every year the film Fund replenishes with more and more refined fantastic series. One of them, undoubtedly, was the “”Star Trek: Deeppace Nine””. The next part of the serial project sends us in 2369-2375 years. The space station “”deep Space 9″” at a certain time will be for moviegoers object to study. Life on the station rather monotonous for those who are on it every day, but is of incredible interest to appearing here for the first time.
The orbit of the planet Bajon was recently liberated. Previously, she was a prisoner of the Empire Cardassians. But brave fighters for space justice managed to defend the rights and freedoms of the inhabitants of this world. Very close to the station there is a spatial tunnel. Anomalous phenomenon was not immediately detected by our characters. In fact, some space creatures were able to disguise the corridor so professionally that it could be found only by chance. That’s what happened to our characters. Spatial hole in which constantly there is a kind of anomaly, it becomes a useful means of transportation between remote objects in our Galaxy.
But in addition to the positive effect of the existence of the anomaly, its detection brings our heroes a real threat. The dominion army is on the front lines of the war. Meeting a new enemy comes as a surprise to our space travelers. Heroes are in a state of complete confusion. But still, somehow our characters find the strength for defense, and later the attack on the enemy army. Space battles unfold so rapidly that it seems unthinkable to watch them in such a short period of time. But the authors of the project took into account all, therefore, was able to show moviegoers the most vivid scenes of battles. There are numerous special effects, and important psychological aspects of the battles, and emotional colors of each victory and defeat. The allies very quickly turn into enemies, and those who did not have confidence before, be near to protect”