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Noémie Schmidt, Anna Brewster, Lizzie Brocheré, Steve Cumyn, Maddison Jaizani, Gilly Gilchrist



It’s hard to start running a country when you’re a 19-year-old king, but you don’t know anything about politics. How is that even possible? It’s simple: Louis XIV was crowned, when the baby had barely crossed the threshold of the Olympic games. Of course, all this time the little monarch could not rule. His mother became Regent and took public Affairs under their own responsibility up to dvadtsatichetyrehletnem son. When my mother died, the hero had to run the country on their own, but because of the intrigues of the Ministers managed it at once. Almost a year the monarch spent outside the capital, waiting for the right moment to finally enter into power. He moved to Versailles, where he was able to do the science necessary for a man of his rank. The action of the 2nd season is set several years after the events of the final episode of the last part. Louis ‘ life has become much better. He has everything he dreamed of: the Palace is growing, causing admiration throughout the world, and the troops are preparing to conquer Holland. However, this does not make the king calm and happy. On the contrary, he has to worry about the actions of cousin Philip, which can turn the hero into a paranoid.

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