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Kerry Howard, Zoe Boyle, Samuel Oatley, Charlotte Eaton, Nick Preston, John Hodgkinson



Rona just told her friend Lianna that she bought an apartment, so they will no longer live together. Coming out of the cafe, the heroine of the series \”Stupid / Stupid\” are shocked, because right in front of their eyes there is a murder. The girls immediately go to the police station to talk about what happened. The police, speaking with the lawyer of the killer, called the names of the witnesses, so now girlfriend needs to get into the witness protection program. Optimist lyanna even was delighted, thinking, that this will be an exciting adventure, and strict and level-headed Rhone valley was upset. Girls are brought to an empty apartment and convinced that here they will be completely safe. Girlfriends receive new names: Rhona becomes Sarah Peng, and Lianna – Lisa Smith. Meanwhile, the killer’s REP hires two guys to get rid of the witnesses. While the killers are preparing for the murder, the girls come up with magnificent surprise, which discouraged not only mercenaries, but also the customer…

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Episode 4

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